PracticeLink recruiter applicant tracking screen

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Easily manage your selected applicants and positions, and conduct applicant searches based on specific applicant, ATS stage, and profession or specialty details.

Recruiter using the PracticeLink online recruitment activity planner

Medical Recruiting Activity Planner

Document a complete record of events, expenses, files and notes in one easy-to-use platform that can help you organize your jobs, candidates and applicants.

PracticeLink's stages and steps recruitment activity manager application screen

Physician Recruitment Milestone Planner

Track candidates from application to hire to retention with Stages & Steps. Use these physician recruitment milestones to move your applicants through the recruitment funnel.

PracticeLink physician recruiter dashboard screen on a tablet

Admin/Recruiter Dashboard

See everything in one place, and manage your account to ensure you are getting the best return on your team’s efforts. Utilize account management tools and assign jobs or upgrade to enterprise to manage team security privileges.

analytics and budget management dashboard screen with charts

Recruitment Analytics and Reports

Manage your account and measure your return on investment. View reports to manage your team’s activities and recruitment progress and ensure the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts.

“The tools that PracticeLink has have helped tremendously, and I’ve been able to step up and provide my administration with numerous candidates, and the response has been fantastic. I’ve shocked the administration team and medical staff with the amount of candidates.”

Alisha Hightower

Recruitment Coordinator

Southwest Medical Center